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Inspection Pricing

Murphy Home Inspections Pricing Guidelines

The size and age of a home can greatly affect the cost of a home inspection. The larger the home the more time it will take to inspect and document. In addition, an older home typically has more items needing documentation and needs more attention and care while being inspected. This all affects how much money I need to charge. The last factor in pricing is location. I am located on the west side of Springfield, any home that is greater than a 20 minute drive from me has a small price increase. While prices may vary from what is listed below, it will give you a good idea of a baseline price. I will do my best to price match any reasonable offer you receive from a competitor so please give me a call for the most accurate quote.

My basic inspection price for a newer home under 1,200 sq ft is $275. This includes up to 4 bedrooms, and 2 full sized baths, one kitchen with all appliances, one heating and one cooling unit, one water heater. and one attached or detached garage (2 car garage). Any additional elements will be inspected for a modest fee, as listed below. I will gladly inspect any additional outbuildings, garages, additional appliances, heating/cooling units, bathrooms, ect, that you would like, however I do ask that you inform me about them when setting up the inspection. If I find additional items while on site they will not be inspected until the client agrees to the additional fee required. 

Square Footage

Base Price


Age of Home



Under 1,200 sq ft



Under 10 Years

No Additional Fee

1,201 - 1,500 sq ft



10-30 years old


+ $10.00

1,501 - 2,000 sq ft



31-50 Years Old

+ $25.00

2,001 - 2500 sq ft


  51-75 Years old


+ $35.00

2501-3000 sq Ft $375.00   76-100 Years old +$45.00
3001-3500 sq ft $400.00   100 - 120 Years old + $60.00
3501-4000 sq ft $425 .00   Built before 1895 + $75.00

While I do not provide termite inspections, radon testing, septic and well inspections, I have several sub-contractors that provide all of these services for me. The list below is the base price for these services, however prices may vary on an individual basis. I have a good relationship with the companies I sub-contract through but it does take time to coordinate our schedules and to set up the services provided, therefore, I do require a small fee to set up these inspections for you. I will happily give you references and numbers to call if you would prefer to set up these services on your own.


Sub-Contractors Fee (Basic)

My Fee to set up

Termite Inspection



Radon Testing



Septic Inspection






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