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About Matt Murphy

My name is Matt Murphy. I am the owner of Murphy Home Inspections. My interest in homes goes back to childhood. My dad worked in the construction trades and I was taught about construction and homes from an early age. During high school and college I worked in many different aspects of home building and remodeling. I worked for a licensed carpenter who specialized in additions and remodeling. We hung cabinets, framed rooms, shored up foundations, roofed homes, and built many decks. After college I did some commercial remodeling and debated getting into flipping homes. This was during the peak of the housing boom and I was enticed by friends making good money turning over houses. I decided that instead of jumping into the housing market and risking a lot of money I should become better educated about the real estate market, the buying process, and the risks involved with buying homes. I took home inspection classes and home appraisal classes to increase my understanding of the real estate market. After finishing with school I decided that I had a love of inspecting homes. In 2007, I became a licensed home inspector and started my own company. I work everyday at becoming a better inspector by taking online courses, reading articles on new construction trends, helping friends fix up their homes, and welcoming feedback (positive and negative) from clients.

On top of being a home inspector, I am a full time firefighter for the city of Springfield, IL. I study safe home practices as a part of my daily training at the fire department. My firefighting career requires me to enter many peoples homes. Some of these calls are fires, but many are automatic alarms, medical emergencies, or merely to assist someone needing help. While on these calls I am able to see first hand different scenarios that can cause harm to people, such as poor water drainage causing someone to slip and fall or malfunctioning appliances releasing carbon monoxide into the home. This aspect of my life has shown me the direct impact these issues can have on someone's health.

 I have served as a baseball coach for three different high schools and 1 middle school over the course of 6 seasons. I enjoy working with kids and teaching them baseball skills, responsibility, and self-confidence. I also volunteer with several local community groups. I have a masters degree in Special Education and taught middle school and high school special education for 6 years. I have always taken pleasure in helping other people. I am truly blessed to be able to have two great careers, home inspection and firefighting,  that allow me to purse my greatest passion in life, helping others.  

Thank you for taking the time to read about who I am. I would love to have the opportunity to inspect either your current home or one you are looking to purchase. If I can assist you in any way please give me a call. 

Matt Murphy 




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